Strong, Stable Rural Land Market

Strong, Stable Rural Land Market

SW Wisconsin Land Market Update A trend has emerged in the rural land market of southwestern Wisconsin. Since 2014, we’ve seen a strong showing in the first half of the year, then a slower third quarter followed by a rebound during the fourth quarter. That’s precisely...

Rural Land Prices Holding Firm

Rural Land Prices Holding Firm

SW Wisconsin Land Market Update: Little has changed in the rural land market during the 2nd quarter of 2016 in Southwest Wisconsin. The number of transactions was up over 1st quarter 2016 from 32 to 42 transactions. The average price per acre rose slightly from 1st quarter; however, the average parcel size came in at just 59 acres.

The Driftless Area in Southwest Wisconsin

When people are first introduced to Southwest Wisconsin, they are often amazed by the rolling wooded hills and peaceful valleys that make the area so unique. Most Americans are unaware of this rugged oasis tucked into the mostly level Midwest. If a person spends any...

800’ Cave For Sale

In real estate you run into all kinds of surprises; some of them strange, some of them pleasant. My favorite kind of surprise is when something unique pops up. Like how many real estate agents can say they have a cave for sale? This rural property encompasses almost...

Buyers: Don’t Go It Alone

This message is for buyers looking for the perfect piece of property: Get a buyer's agent to assist you! I was reminded again today of how important that is. Past clients invited me to view their new home that they just built on an acreage. The home is beautiful and...

Ten Years of Changes in Real Estate

We're celebrating 10 years in real estate this month. That's not very long really, but in that short time our business has changed from exclusively using newspaper ads to having nearly 100% of our contacts come through website ads. What will the next 10 years bring?...

Sneak Peak at 3rd Quarter Land Sales

by: Jay Frazier Here's a sneak preview of SW Wisconsin 3rd quarter land sales. This number can only go higher as any closings from yesterday get recorded. We have seen a pretty big jump in the total number of sales during the 3rd quarter (up 54% as I write). Many of...

Real Estate Dreams

by: Jay Frazier Recently, I had a lady tour my website and fill out a form which said: “To be honest, I have no current plans to buy, just like to look and dream!” That started me thinking about real estate and how it’s uniquely tied to virtually everyone’s dreams....

Making The Cut

By: Jay Frazier So you’ve hired an agent that you’re confident is marketing your property to the right type of buyers and together you have established a reasonable asking price based on current market activity. While good marketing and proper pricing are essential...

Wisconsin Farmland Conversion Fee Repealed

by: Jay Frazier Some folks are cheering, others are booing but the passing of the recent state budget also included the repeal of the farmland conversion fee. For those who haven’t been following it, effective January 1, 2010 anyone that rezoned Wisconsin land from...

Sellers: The Time Is Now

Southwest Wisconsin Rural Property Owners If you’ve been contemplating over the winter about selling your property, the time is right to stop contemplating and take action. Spring isn’t quite here yet, but buyers don’t seem to care. Perhaps they are influenced by the...

Rural Property Prime Time

by: Jay Frazier This is the time of year when I hear the same mantra; “Call me when the snow melts”.  Unfortunately by thinking spring, buyers are missing out on some of the best opportunities to view rural properties. So if you’re sitting on the sidelines stocking up...

Timber Value 101 for Land Buyers

by: Jay Frazier Recently I had a question from a buyer relating to the standing timber on a property and how it affects the value of the parcel. Since many rural properties are wooded, I realized that others may have many of the same questions. Below is an excerpt of...

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