In real estate you run into all kinds of surprises; some of them strange, some of them pleasant. My favorite kind of surprise is when something unique pops up. Like how many real estate agents can say they have a cave for sale?

This rural property encompasses almost 155 acres of which a gorgeous log home crowns the ridge top amidst beautiful long range views. That in itself makes it a desirable country estate; but just for fun the bonus of a pretty large cave comes with the package. Spelunking anyone?

The Mouth of the Cave

At the base of this rather ordinary oak tree lies the entrance. It’s not astounding by any means but large enough for people to enter. And raccoons. Or skunks. Or bears. Definitely bats! Caves tend to kick my imagination into overdrive.

According to Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine there are 2 types of caves in Wisconsin; limestone and sandstone. I don’t know which type this cave is but others before me have explored and mapped it.

2 large bears were killed here shortly before it was first mapped in 1909. A later mapping showed it to be over 800 feet long with one room approximately 35 feet high. Recent DNR documentation shows 3 species of bats hibernate here.

Have I piqued your interest to start a few subterranean adventures?

For first time cavers, consider visiting these public caves in SW Wisconsin. Eagle Cave near Blue River is considered the state’s largest onyx cave. Near Wauzeka the Kickapoo Indian Caverns were once a Native American shelter and boast an underground river and onyx deposits (shown by appointment only). Perhaps the best known in our area is the Cave of the Mounds which is also a National Natural Landmark. Its stunning crystal formations are truly a natural treasure.

When you are ready to branch out from these guided tours; keep in mind the cardinal rule of wild caving: never explore a cave alone. The minimum size of a caving group as recommended by the Wisconsin Speleological Society is four.

One final reminder: the cave featured in this article is entirely on private property. Please respect the owner’s property rights and don’t trespass to explore.

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