This message is for buyers looking for the perfect piece of property: Get a buyer’s agent to assist you!

I was reminded again today of how important that is.

Past clients invited me to view their new home that they just built on an acreage. The home is beautiful and their rural property is ideal for it. My clients commented again today about how close they had come to missing their perfect place.

Just about a year ago they closed on the property that was the goal of an 18 month search. As their buyer’s agent, I had shown them dozens of properties but nothing was quite what they were looking for. Then I saw a property come on the market that I knew was the right one. I sent the info to them with no response. A week or so later I sent it again and said that I thought they should see it. No response. Finally, I picked up the phone and asked them why they weren’t interested in it. They said that they didn’t like some of the features but having worked with them for so long, I really thought that they would like it. I went out on a limb and told them to drive out and look at it (they were over an hour away) and if they didn’t like it, I would buy their gas for the trip. Well, they decided that if I felt that strongly about it, they would make the drive. I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story… They loved it and now have a beautiful home overlooking a Driftless Area vista.

I’m not telling this story to make myself look good but rather to make a point. If you as a buyer are just calling the listing agent for properties that you see on-line,  you will never build the relationship that allows an agent to really know you and give the service that I gave these folks. Had they been working with multiple agents, they would have missed their dream property. So pick an experienced agent in the area and property type that you’re looking for and build a relationship that lets him/her give you the service that you deserve.

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