By: Jay Frazier

WARNING: The deer tick season is here again. I walked a 40 acre property by Arena last week and picked over 50 ticks off of me. When we noticed how many there were, we stopped every 10 minutes to pick them off and I picked 18 of them off of my legs in just one stop! For those of you who don’t know, deer ticks are carriers of Lyme’s Disease which can be extremely painful, do long term damage to your joints and be fatal in rare cases. I had a case of it about a year ago that really messed up my life for about 2 months so I’m on a mission to let everyone know to be careful. You can still enjoy the out of doors but just be aware of the ticks, use insect repellent and look yourself over very well when you return. You may also want someone to check your hair as they like to crawl into it and you may not notice them.

If they are left on your body they will attach and that’s when they can pass on the spirochetes that cause Lyme’s.  It is “common knowledge” that a tick hasn’t passed on the disease unless you get a bulls eye rash around the bite but that just isn’t true. My doctor told me that many people (myself included) don’t show any signs of the disease until it’s in the later stages. Unfortunately, at that point it becomes harder to completely eliminate and the chances of having long term issues are much greater. The bottom line is; if you have a deer tick attached to you, get to a doctor and have it checked out even if you don’t develop a rash. Get out and enjoy this great spring weather but watch out for the ticks!


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