By: Jay Frazier

So you’ve hired an agent that you’re confident is marketing your property to the right type of buyers and together you have

established a reasonable asking price based on current market activity. While good marketing and proper pricing are essential for a sale to happen, it may not be enough in the current market. There is still a lot of inventory out there so buyers sort potential properties. These days that first “possibility” list may include a dozen or more possibilities. Obviously they have to eliminate quite a few before even getting close to making an offer. With so much competition out there, what can you do to make sure your property makes the cut?

In a recent article titled “Presentation: Get Your Land On A Buyer’s Short List”, Alabama land agent Jonathan Goode discusses things you can do to improve your chances of making that short list and even the star list where an offer is made. As he states “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and first impressions play a big part in buyers’ choices when there are so many properties to choose from.

For rural properties some of the things Jonathan recommends are:

  • Remove trash, debris, and junk from the entrance.
  • Repair and maintain fences, gates, and entrances.
  • Mow the grass or bush hog the fields.
  • Smooth out ruts in the road.
  • Trim trees and bushes to improve the views.
  • Clear internal roads and trails for easy passage.
  • Make sure water features are easily visible and accessible.
  • Pressure wash or put a fresh coat of paint on barns or other structures.

    My Polaris Ranger works great for showing rural land.

For most of the properties in Southwest Wisconsin, keeping internal roads and trails clear is a big one. I use a Polaris Ranger to show properties and it definitely puts a damper on the showing if we come across a deadfall that we can’t get around. Rarely will the buyer say “Let’s walk from here. I really want to see the rest.” There are too many other properties available that are “easy” to look at so they move on.

As Jonathan puts it: “A buyer shows up to your property with heightened senses looking for a reason to like your land or cross it off their list. They are going to look very hard at this initial visit. Do everything you can to make sure that first impression is positive and that your property stands out for all of the right reasons. Even the most logical person relies on their gut feelings. Making small improvements and repairs could be just the ticket to giving your property the edge and helping you land the sale.”

You can read the complete article here:

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