by: Jay Frazier

As I sit here on an evening flight going east over the great plains I reflect on a week spent enjoying the Rocky Mountains around Creede, Colorado. My thoughts go to the many places I’ve seen in North America (48 states in all as well as 4 Canadian provinces and 1 trip to Mexico). While each place is unique and beautiful in its own way, I still couldn’t imagine living anywhere but Southwest Wisconsin. This area of the state is truly a small bit of “paradise” with its wooded rolling hills, lush agricultural fields and world class rivers, lakes and streams. It offers something for everyone who loves the outdoors or just wants to get away from it all. While I enjoy introducing clients to the area that I love,  I’m often amazed at how few people from other areas don’t even know anything exists between Madison and the Mississippi River. It’s their loss but you don’t have to miss out. There’s a great selection of properties on the market right now and prices are good. Give me a call and let’s find your piece Southwest Wisconsin Paradise.

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